Apple will add protection against connecting unknown USB accessories to computers. It is reported by TechCrunch.

Media journalists studied the new operating system for Mac computers and found out that macOS Ventura will automatically block unknown USB devices. appleffc08When connecting a flash drive or external hard drive, a notification will appear – the user will have to allow or deny the use of a specific USB accessory.

According to experts, in this way the company intends to further protect the computer from viruses that can be delivered using external drives and other devices. The new macOS feature is similar to iOS Restricted Mode, which prevents unauthorized accessories and cables from accessing iPhone users’ data.

Apple explained that the new restriction does not apply to charging cables, branded USB hubs and external displays. Also, the system will not respond to the connection of accessories that the Mac owner used before updating to the new version of macOS. The new mode will be activated by default.

Apple introduced iOS 16, macOS Ventura, and new versions of other operating systems on June 6th. Beta versions of the OS became available immediately after the announcement, public versions will appear before the end of the year.