Xiaomi has released a smart bed with intelligent controls. This is reported by the publication GizmoChina.

The device called 8H Feel Leather Smart Electric Bed X Pro is equipped with an intelligent control system and an electric drive. According to the creators of smart furniture, the bed released by Xiaomi allows you to fight snoring. If extraneous sounds are detected during sleep, the device will raise the back by 15 degrees to open the airways for oxygen supply. “After the snoring stops, the bed automatically returns to the supine state without disturbing sleep,” the company says.

The electric bed allows you to raise the backrest up to 60 degrees and withstand up to 600 kilograms of weight. Users will be able to save bed position settings for quick switching.

The 8H Feel Leather Smart Electric Bed X Pro also has built-in sensors that collect heartbeat and breathing information from users. The device receives information about body movements during sleep, evaluating the quality of rest.

The smart bed will be available on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform, where it will cost 6399 yuan or about 62 thousand rubles. After going on sale, the device will be available for 7399 yuan or about 73 thousand rubles.