A Colombian court has issued a preliminary ban on the import and sale of 5G-enabled Apple products. This is reported by Appleinsider.

Journalists noted that in April, the 42nd District Court of the capital of Colombia found that Apple had violated the patent NC2019/0003681 issued in the country by Ericsson. A document describing the use of the 5G standard was issued by Ericsson in 2019. On July 6, the court issued a preliminary injunction against the actions of Apple Colombia SAS, a subsidiary of an American corporation.

Under the ban, Apple cannot import, sell, advertise, or otherwise commercialize 5G-enabled equipment. The restrictions apply to iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series smartphones, as well as fifth-generation iPads.

Apple filed a counterclaim, but the court ruled that the American corporation could not require the authorities of a foreign country to enforce the injunction. In response, Apple filed a lawsuit against Ericsson in the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas seeking damages from the ban. The journalists said that a similar trial between Apple and Ericsson is ongoing in Europe and the United States.